Ноябрь 19

Yoga Course Week 4

1. The off switch

As I am going to stop my business this situation is stressful for me. My body sensations is muscle tension arising as soon as stressful thought comes.  I am completely responsible for my well-being. My off switch protocol is:

— make five or ten deep breathes

— stop my mind for a while to be in presence

— massage and warm bath

Honestly, I have been practicing it for some time already and my fears seem less and less horrible. My mind relaxes but my body still requires some attention.

2. Common humanity

I try not to judge and criticize my actions and thoughts. I pay attention to all my impulses and ideas and just watch for them. I hope to be less impulsive but more mindful in future.



Ноябрь 9

Yoga Course. Week 3

Reflecting on my goal.

My goal is to make my yoga practice regular as it was until summer.  As soon as I determined this goal I do my morning yoga practice regularly. But it is not my super goal. My super goal is to practice yoga for 2 hours every morning. I understand that I should get up at 5 a.m. To do this. It is very difficult for my mind to accept this idea. I want to see what prevents me to do this.

So I am going to practice my morning yoga every day and at the same time I am going to realize what should I do to reach my super goal.

Ноябрь 2

Yoga Course Week 2 My goal

My problem is that daily yoga practice became unregular. It is connected with my health condition and my mind always dictates the reasons to avoid practice. My course goal is to come back to my regular daily 60 minutes yoga and meditation practice. To reach it I do short (15-20) yoga practice daily. I also observe my mind and body sensations each time I try to postpone my decision.

Today morning I have not used my gadgets during my breakfast!


Ноябрь 2

Yoga Week2 Self-observation journal

Today I start my self-observation journal. I commit to be aware and attentive in my relations with my gadgets. At present I can say that the first thing I do every morning as soon as I awake is to peep into my smartphone to check email, Facebook, Instagram etc. I use my phone as a notebook, as an alarm clock. I also use different applications such as Sportstracker, maps, navigator, photo camera etc. I understand that I pay too much attention to it. Now I am going to be aware how to use my gadgets: with purpose or without it.

Октябрь 29

Yoga course. Week 1

The 1st week of Yoga MOOC is finished. I think we can consider this week as introduction in Yoga. As I have been practicing yoga since 2012, I can not say that I knew anything new about it. Nevertheless I am happy to be reminded about main yoga terminus and principals. I am happy to meet the instructors and lecturers and know new thoughts and  experience. I listened for all lectures and interviews and I think it was very useful for me. In daily routine sometimes it is hard to be mindful and aware and it is very important to keep this principles. Yoga practice was not difficult for me. However there were some asanas I have not practiced for a long time. So I was happy to practice them again. The presentation of yoga practice and lectures are very comfortable for me and I am looking for the next week.